Posted on Jul 13, 2020


Our new backgrounds on well water signs!

Size: 13.5" X 7"
Material: Standard Sign Aluminum
Text and/or graphic: "Private Well Water In Use" with coiled, spraying garden hose graphic
Background: Stealth
Corners: Standard
Holes: Two at 3/8" diameter and roughly 5 5/8" apart
Stake: not included

This Private Well Water In Use Sign is primarily used for drought or other water-restricted areas.

Our stealth background is relatively new. The use of lay-in, similar-multi-color vinyl supports the image while whispering your message (rather than clubbing a viewer over the head with it, as can be the case with a single-color background). It can help your home feel less authoritarian and more welcoming, while still conveying your adherence to municipal restrictions.
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